Transform position to a public variable

I’m currently trying to make an object drop at a certain speed that is changed constantly throughout the game. I’ve used a public variable in another script. When the code is run, the object just sits there doing nothing. What should I be doing instead?

#pragma strict
var Turn : float;

function Update () {
	transform.Rotate(0, 0, 1*Turn);

In JS you can’t have more public variables in different scripts? I am not sure if i understand your question;

But i am sure that what you want to achieve is that the object is moving downwards at certain speed; The Update function is called in every frame and the framerate is not constant, therefore your code will cause the object to move in framerate affected speed. To fix that, multiply your speed values by Time.deltaTime .

transform.position.y = transform.position.y - 1 * Time.deltaTime;

This will move your object one unit per second, no matter what’s the framerate
Same for the rotation