Transform.position values changing while object appears to be still?


I have a gun object that is attached to an enemy character as a child of the hand object. There is an empty child object located at the end of the barrel that I am trying to use to spawn the bullets. For some reason the Y value of the transform.position for the spawning location is changing randomly, even though in the scene inspector it appears to be staying in the exact same position. I am getting the Y values outputted to the console with this line of code in a script attached to the empty object:


When I move the gun object so that it is a child of the parent prefab (rather than the hand) and just sticking out of the enemy’s chest then this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem and the values outputted to the console match the apparent position of the object. Does anyone have any guidance on how to go about solving this issue?

I have attached a screenshot from the editor showing how things are set up if that is any help.

I figured out what was wrong. For the benefit of anyone in the future who stumbles across this thread, the problem was that the character had rigidbodies on its limbs. Once the rigidbodies were removed I stopped getting this problem.