transform.rotate to rotate character's arm

so i have this character in my scene and she is standing in a T pose. i want to use transform.rotate or any other method to rotate her arm so that it is vertical (only one arm) in such a way that first time it goes a little bit up then more and so on. in a way a clock’s hour hand moves from 9 to 12. can it be done using a for loop or something ?

i am able to animate the hand . no problems in that. i also know in situations like these animations are the goto method but if it can be done as described in the question it would be beneficial because after this i will be using a sensor that will detect the body movement and kind of imitate the movement . for example the sensor will be tied to the arm of a real person and as the person rotates his/her arm the change should be reflected in the game
i hope i made sense

One solution you could use is IK (inverse kinematics), here’s the API, and here’s a walk-through of how to use it. You’d could create an invisible object and move that object, like moving the point of a second-hand around a clock face, to where you wanted the character to point to. You can control the speed of the movement by setting the “weight” and “position” of the IK settings.

Another solution would be to check out the “huge mocap” library of humanoid animations (in the asset store), and find an animation that moved the arm the way you wanted, and then cut-down/edit and/or blend that animation. Here’s a good list of what the mocap has to offer.

In terms of LOE, the first solution has the lowest, but you may run into limitations with IK (such as the limb just not looking right with respect to the rest of the body). The second solution may provide the better look and feel, and you can also combine the two solutions to work together (IK works in conjunction with the Animator)