Transform rotation

Hi, I have a problem with the transform.rotation. I want one object to repeat an other object’s rotations, but not completely, I need the rotation on the y Axis to be modified.
This is what I have right now

rotx = GameObject.FindWithTag("knee").transform.rotation.x;
roty = GameObject.FindWithTag("knee").transform.rotation.y;
rotz = GameObject.FindWithTag("knee").transform.rotation.z;
//print(rotx + " " + roty + " " + rotz);
this.transform.rotation = GameObject.FindWithTag("knee").transform.rotation;

So, this code works great right now, I need to modify it in some way as to apply each axis rotation individually, what I would like it to look like is something like this

this.transform.rotation.x = rotx;
this.transform.rotation.y = roty;
this.transform.rotation.z = rotz;

Is this possible to achieve in any way?

Thanks :wink:

Another way is to store the current Rotation value and modify as needed and then finally reapply at the end of the method i.e.

Quaternion curRotation = this.transform.rotation;
// Order is important!! A rotation that rotates euler.z degrees around the z axis, euler.x degrees around the x axis, and euler.y degrees around the y axis (in that order).
curRotation.eulearAngles.z += rotz;
curRotation.eulearAngles.x += rotx;
curRotation.eulearAngles.y += roty;
this.transform.rotation = curRotation;

In your case though it can be simplified to basically:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class RotateScript : MonoBehaviour

	public Transform otherTrans;

	void Start()
		if(otherTrans == null)
			enabled = false;

	void Update()
		float rotx = otherTrans.rotation.eulerAngles.x;
		float roty = otherTrans.rotation.eulerAngles.y;
		float rotz = otherTrans.rotation.eulerAngles.z;
		//print(rotx + " " + roty + " " + rotz);
		// Tweak roty in some way -- i.e.
		roty = 0.0f;
		//Then apply the new values
		this.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(rotx, roty, rotz);

Yes, but you will have to store them in a temporary variable or create one on the fly when setting your new rotation.

Instead of:

this.transform.rotation = GameObject.FindWithTag("knee").transform.rotation;

You should do:

this.transform.rotation = new Quaternion(rotx, roty, rotz, rotw);

From there you can modify any of the passed in parameters as you please :slight_smile: