transform.setParent not working right

The transform.setParent is not working properly.

What I am trying to do: Repeatedly create UI object to be parented to the Canvas object (there are currently 5 in scene but only 1 is named Canvas)
What is currently happening: On start, the CreateMatcher works perfectly but any time after the start that it is called it does not function properly.

When it is created the second time it runs through CreateMatcher and throws the print statment into the console but still show the below image. It does not give any errors or warnings.

    // Canvas game object that is use for creatematcher
    public GameObject CanvasGameObject;
    // match location is used for the UI canvas and is a specific location
    Vector3 MatchLocation = new Vector3(0, 160, 0);

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start()
        CanvasGameObject = GameObject.Find("Canvas");
        //create first Perfect and Size Measure
        if (GameObject.Find("Size Measure") == null && GameObject.Find("Perfect") == null)
    void CreateMatcher()
        //finds the button using a name in an array
        colorpull = GameObject.Find(combotestholder[buttonspressed].ToString());
        //pulls the script varibles holder on the object assigns it colorpullscript
        colorpullscript = colorpull.GetComponent<Varibles_Holder>();
        // temp holder for a rectTransform because we are dealing with UI Objects
        RectTransform rt;
        // Instantiates a Object Perfect at vector and quneterion 
        Object PerfectGameObject = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Perfect"), new Vector3(0, 160, 0), Quaternion.identity);
        // Assigns name Perfect = "Perfect";
        // debug statment to see that it has been found and will be assigning
        print("found and assigning");
        // Find perfect
        PerfectScale = GameObject.Find("Perfect");
        // Set parent to Canvas Game Object ref: Line 34
        PerfectScale.transform.SetParent(CanvasGameObject.transform, false);
        // Print assigned when Finished assigning
        // rect transform is assigned to prefectscales rect transform
        rt = PerfectScale.GetComponent<RectTransform>();
        // prefect scales location is equal to match location
        rt.transform.localPosition = MatchLocation;
        // Changes color
        PerfectScale.GetComponent<Image>().color = colorpullscript.ColorUnderneathMe;

        // Repeat above for Size measure
        Object MeasureScaleGameObject = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Size Measure"), new Vector3(0, 160, 0), Quaternion.identity); = "Size Measure";
        // measuring
        MeasureScale = GameObject.Find("Size Measure");
        rt = MeasureScale.GetComponent<RectTransform>();
        rt.transform.localPosition = MatchLocation;


At first, I though it was because a Canvas doesn’t have a Transform, but a Rect Transform.
But I tried to reparent an UI object (initially parented to another Canvas) to my first Canvas using SetParent() and it worked.

I assume your PerfectGameObject is an UI element, is it ?

May be you should check if it’s correctly detected, before parenting it ?

You may also try transform.parent =... instead of transform.SetParent()