transform.up same as Vector3.up?

I know it seems like this quesiton has been asked before, but the previous answers just seem wrong to me. As I understand, Vectro3.up will always be (0,1,0) in world coordinates, and transform.up should be up relative to the transform. So that means, that if I say Debug.DrawLine from the transform.position to the transform.up, it should always be pointing upwards relative to the object. This is what seems to be wrong to me. When I create a simple scene to try it (one cube, and a plane to have a reference to how it’s moving), no matter what I write in the code, the DrawLine always goes to (0,1,0) in world coordinates. So how can I acces the transform.up I’m looking for?

I feel like an idiot, I just have to add transform.position + transform.up to get the result I wanted. (So the code is Debug.DrawLine(transform.position, transform.position + transform.up)) Feels really obvious after I figured it out.