Transition between Timeline animation and Animator MonoBehaviour

  • I animate characters via timeline animation (for example walk)

  • At the end of the walk animation i add the idle animation to create a smooth transition

  • All animations Extrapolation are set to "None". This means when the timeline animation is done the animator of the character takes over. The Animator plays the same idle animations i used in the timeline.

Sometimes there is a visibile break in the animation when animator takes over. It is not at the same animation position i ended in the timeline.

Is there a way to determine when excactly the animator continues to play? I want a smooth transition between timeline and animator. Is it always the beginning of the animation or does the animator just continue on the time it was interrupted before when timeline took over the animations?

Additional info:
I cannot use "Continue" or "Loop" as Extrapolation to achieve this because the timeline is stopped several times for dialogs (waits for user input) and then the animations stop.

Just in case you didn't find the answer or anyone else is experiencing this exact situation as I did for weeks. You have to check the foot IK box on the controller and on the clip. If one of them is unchecked, it will give you a pop.

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check the link below: HERE