Transition current camera rotation to 0,0,0

I can’t find what I’m supposed to use, or how to use it correctly like Slerp, lerp, all these quaternion stuff and this is what I have so far:

At 0:04 I automatically MoveTowards the center. I want my camera’s rotation to transition to an upward position, or basically like making your head look up.

How would you do this? Thanks.

Try this:

var targetRotation : Vector3;
var progress : float = 0;
var rotateSpeed : float = 1.0;

function Update() {
       transform.rotation.eulerAngles = Vector3.Lerp(transform.rotation.eulerAngles, targetRotation, progress);
       progress += Time.deltaTime * rotateSpeed;

You would have to reset the progress value when the rotation is finished and so on, but this is a base to work from.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: