Transition from 2D box colliders is strange? scaling box colliders?

Hello, I’m extremely new to Unity and coding, and I’m having problems. I’ve attached a video but whats happening basically is whenever I “walk” between two seperate 2D box colliders, the Player animates the “air” sprite, where whenever the player isn’t grounded it shows it. Why is this happening? Also, whenever I go up to the side of a box 2D collider, if the player continues to jump then they can scale the barrier easily. How can I fix this as well? I’ve attached a video of whats happening. Thank you. (Using C#). Should mention it’s a 2D side scroller-type game.

I sort of fixed this, by using Line Colliders instead of box colliders, however when the player jumps sometimes they fall through. The scaling the walls is still a thing, however.