transition.rotation not working.

Here is my script (the variable will come in to play as I develop more).

#pragma strict
var a;
function OnMouseDown() {
	var a = 0;

In game, I press on the game object and the positioning is perfect, but the rotation is not working. I keep on adjusting the values, but nothing happens.

The fixed values are:
359.6852 = X,
0.001112414 = y, and
180 = z

The object keeps appearing straight upside-down (but is not quite).

Please help, thanks and advance.

A Transofrm.rotation is a Quaternion…a 4D, non-intuitive construct. The x,y,z, and w components are not angles and have a value between -1 and 1. For what you are doing, you can use transform.eulerAngles, but you will get undesirable results if you attempt to set them independently. Instead you should set them all at once like:

 transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(359.0, 283.0, 364.0);