Translate game object while adding in Horizontal Layout group


I am stuck at new problem that i am adding Button at specific child index in Horizontal Layout group.
In normal way it’s working fine.

Now My problem is i want to translate Button to that particular location before making it child of Horizontal Layout. And it can be any child index.

So how can i find that particular position.

This is same like “We add cards from deck to our hand”. Hope you got my question.

Any other better way is available? I mean any other layout by which it can be easier.

Thanks. Waiting for reply soon. :slight_smile:

Answer to your question " I mean any other layout by which it can be easier"
Every unit of a grid is a meeting point. For instance like in a Graph or the Grid which is in a scene every unit of that grid is a meeting point as on that unit it becomes a row and a column. Back to your question. So let’s Suppose that your button (the button you are talking about in your question) is a unit and you are using Horizontal Layout Group so that would be same in Vertical Layout Group and other Layout Groups. And in Unity it might not be written as “Unit” but it would be written as “Cell
I hope this would answer your question :slight_smile: