Transparency and smoothness not working together?

I’m trying to make some puddles with SSRR on top, it works nicely if I use cutout/opaque rendering mode, however if I set it to fade/transparent SSRR doesn’t show up at all, only reflection from the probes - which is weird because if I change the scene view to display smoothness the puddle completely disappears if its rendering mode is set to transparent/fade. So, why does it “disappears” if I set it to transparent? And just out of curiousity, why does it still working with reflection probes if the smoothness values are “lost”? I’m using UBER from the store, but the same thing happens with the standard shader as well. 5.5.0f3

Here with cutout rendering mode
![alt text] [1]

And here with transparent

SSRR will not work on transparent objects, sadly, because transparent objects are only rendered in forward path which is not supported by Unity’s reflections (it requires Deffered Shading or more specificly depth and normals information).

You will need to look for other solutions like making realtime reflection probe and making it the same distance below the plane as your camera is above, or use planar reflections like this one. But I haven’t tried it.