Transparency from grayscale while in game

Is there a way to add transparency to an object while playing, from grayscale? I’m trying to use a heightmap generated from a perlin script to create a cloud effect, and i’d like to create transparency from the dark areas on the texture while in runtime.

Check out the Particle Shaders like “Additive” etc.

yea easy, just use a transparency shader and then in gimp or photoshop or whatever set an alpha layer.

to change the transparency of an object in general code wise.

void ChangeAlpha(GameObject Piece, float Alpha)
	Color TempColor = Piece.renderer.material.color;
	TempColor.a = Alpha;
	Piece.renderer.material.SetColor("_Color", TempColor);

that will take a gameobject and a value from 0 to 1 (where 0 is invisible, 1 is fully visibly and .5 is partly see through) and set a gameobject WITH a transparency shader to render transparent.


That notoriously forgotten command… That’s what I missed. Thank you for the help guys!