Transparency in Unity5

I am having trouble getting models I import with 3DXchange to display properly in Unity5. The FBX files have a Diffuse and Opacity textures. When I import them I can not get the transparency to work. I have tried all the legacy shades with no luck. Any one with ideas on how to fix this? Here are some screenshots so you can see the issue.



For transparency:
select the material you want to be transparent, set it to standard, then set rendering mode to transparent, then double click on diffuse map (or how it’s called) color and adjust alpha (A) value, then do the same with other materials

Thanks I tried your solution with no luck but I did manage to figure it out. In the ‘fbm’ file for the avatar select the texture the check the box Alpha Is Transparency. then set the material shader to legacy/transparent/cutout/diffuse. fixed the issue for me :slight_smile: