transparency problem


i have some anatomical models and have created a slider that controls the opacity. I tested the set up by creating a simple sphere with transparency/diffuse shader in Unity and attaching the slider to it - all was well. However, as soon as i bring in my own models and attach the transparency shader i get a right mess…see screen grabs. Anyone else experienced this? I will try the AlphaVertexLitZ shader i found this week though i’m not bothered if the transparency is xray like. Just want to remove the poly mess artifact

cheers Steve (just an artist)
alt text

Try different shaders to see if it’s this particular shader that causes the problem. Also check the normals on the mess, make sure everything faces the right direction. And that the mess polys don’t overlap the ones outside it (could be z-order-fighting).

Hi all

i used the AlphaVertexLitZ shader. It works well, however you cant attach normal maps to the object, but at least it works. Not sure if the code can be modified so it can.

cheers for your help

Hello Steve (and others),

Like you I’m just an artist. Like you I have anatomical models that I want to show in Unity. You say that the AlphaVertexLitZ shader works for you. I tried it too, it was indeed the best shader for the job I could find, but not good enough. I have a slider, that makes the skin transparant so the skull becomes visable, that works fine, but if I turn the head, the back is not transparent. Did you find a solution for that or does anyone have a solution for this? Or am I doing something wrong? Sorry, it’s more a question than an answer but I thought you learned something since this question.