Transparency with correct culling

Imagine the camera looking the main character’s back, I want to see tru it, let’s say the enemies in front of my character, but I don’t want to see my own character’s arms that should be occluded by it’s back

If I make it transparent , the arms can be seen tru the back, which is wrong, then I need the culling to happen correctly ( back culling is not the solution )

Then I need first to get the correct culling, and then make it transparent, I know how to do that with render targets, although I don’t have unity pro

Is there a way to do that with the Unity basic version?

Thank you

(edited to clarify the problem)

Hi Jog

As I have not much experience in Unity3D but you can go with lerp and culling with shader option, you will find more option from Jessy’s video tutorial for shader lab. I go through it and it’s work for me. I used same technique in game Crazy Monster Truck - Escape for power feed back animation

link: - YouTube
Jessy Catterwaul - YouTube

The only way to render this unusual setup is that you have your arms seperate from your body. Otherwise there’s no way to control in which order things are drawn. Transparency means you use alpha blending in the shader. So as first step all opaque objects are drawn and then all transparent objects are drawn sorted from far to near. Transparent geometry usually doesn’t write to the z-buffer. Transparent geometry can’t occlude other things.

You can fake this effect without problems, but only when your arms are seperate objects.

You can’t specify the order in which the triangles of your character are drawn.

If you really need just the back, you can try to put a plane in the center of your character and use the depth-mask-shader.