Transparent 2D Planes "sorting issue"

Alright, I realize that Unity says the following about transparent objects:

"Using transparent objects in your game can be tricky, as there are traditional graphical programming problems that can present sorting issues in your game....The general rule is to be aware that there are some cases in which one transparent object may be drawn in front of another in an unusual way, especially if the objects are intersecting, enclose each other or are of very different sizes."

But I was curious if there is anything I can do to overcome this. I have 8 or so 2-D layers, that are flat planes with an image on them, set to Transparent/Diffuse (they have a fake shadow on them with 50% alpha, so I can't use cutout). But they "float" in front of and behind each other randomly. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they're talking about with the issue...but does anyone have suggestions for ways to get rid of/minimize this? Or maybe even a way to work around it?

In a nutshell, I'm panning a camera around a scene of 2D images that have 50% transparent shadows built into the images. And it looks super awkward.

Just script the renderQueue for each item, based on what layer it's in. 3000-3007 or thereabouts should work fine.