Transparent and Cutout shaders - best of both?

From the Unity docs:

Transparent Cutout Properties

Cutout shader is an alternative way of displaying transparent objects. Differences between Cutout and regular Transparent shaders are:

  • This shader cannot have partially transparent areas. Everything will be either fully opaque or fully transparent.
  • Objects using this shader can cast and receive shadows!
  • The graphical sorting problems normally associated with Transparent shaders do not occur when using this shader.

That last line is what’s causing me trouble. Basically I need a shader which will appear correctly and can support partially transparent textures.

If I use the Cutout shader I don’t get rendering issues, but my texture looks jagged on the edges (no partial transparency).
If I use Transparent shader the texture appears correctly, but I’m getting the mentioned “graphical sorting problems”.

My question is - can I have best of both shaders? Any help is appreciated.


No. Cutout can’t be added to transparent to fix sorting problems.

Anytime you have partly transparent pixels the engine has to sort and can have visual problems. The cutout shader’s rule#3 is a direct result of it’s rule#1. In other words, it only works better because it refuses to make the bad semi-opaque pixels.