Transparent Bg causing Memory problems for parallax games

Hey Guys,

I have done a parallax game for iOS and Android. I’m doing this before unity 4.3 get release.

Here my problems are :

  1. Backgrounds(Foreground, Mid ground and backgrounds) are png images attached with a plane, using Mobile/Transparent/VertexLit Shaders for all bg’s. I set max size is 2048 and true color for format on the texture import settings, if i set 1024 max size the bg’s are getting blur . Not sure why it’s getting blur ?

When am profiling it Gpu usages are heavier because of transparent shaders. How can i avoid those problems ?

  1. Other than my character every game obstacles are png images attached with plane . can i able to create sprite sheets in the same project ? if i create sprite sheet for bg’s, will it reduce my problems ?

Game is ready to go live, but this memory issues making struggle. Please provide some suggestions.

Thank You.

I write a solution of my experience here.

Check this blog on optimizing for mobiles:

The amount of faces using alpha blending, especially when it fills a large portion of the screen, reduces performance on mobile devices dramatically. When a bunch of alpha faces overlap each other and thus increase overdraw, it is a consistent killer for performance on slower devices.