Transparent material on iPhone Android

Do transparent materials work on the iPhone or Android?

I created a table tennis game with a net. I then created a 'netting' texture, basically a grid texture to represent a net for the table.

I set the net's shader to Transparent/Bump Diffuse and it came out nicely on Android, i.e the transparency, and you could see the ball on the table through the net.

So for Android yes, it seems to work, however I have not tested the net on IPhone but I would assume it would be supported.

Yes, it does. Just use the right shader. IIRC, there is special package (distributed with Unity) with Mobile shaders. They are less complex, but faster than default ones.

For anyone looking at this post, the shader found in Transparent/VertexLit did not work on my Motorola Atrix. When I used this shader, it appeared black. I ended up using Unlit/Transparent and got my textures back.