Transparent Mesh's edges not transparent

I’ve got a self-illuminating transparent shader on my mesh with a texture that has a gradient from opaque to transparent. The proble is that the edges of the cone are textured opaque. It does this with every transparent shader, so i dont think the problem lies in my shader. We’ve tried multiple cone meshes and it always ends up this way. We tried changing the offset of the texture and the tiling and always yield these results 22829-untitled.png

Any ideas?

Fixed it myself by unwrapping our mesh in 3dsmax and applying the texture that way and then exporting it as an FBX

What didn’t work:
-A different cone mesh
-A different texture
-Changing the tiling and offset settings in unity
-A different shader
-Applying the texture without an unwrap in 3dsmax

hope this helps someone in the future