Transparent Object Ordering

So, I have a prefab that is composed of three objects, an evidence placard, a front ID number, and a back ID number. When viewed from the side, it looks something like this:

alt text

I have added a transparency shader to the prefab and am able to control its transparency programmatically. However, when I use the transparency shader the front number disappears:

alt text

This happens because the center of the evidence placard is in front of the center of the front number, and is rendered first:

alt text

Is there any quick way to trick Unity into thinking that the number is in front of the placard without modifying the models themselves?

Thanks :slight_smile:

solution 1

be sure that you change this queue for separated instance of material, changing it for shared material will change queue value for all objects, it means you got the same issue

solution 2

make a shader (copy built-in one) and change it’s queue in shader source file (Transparent+10 for later render, Transparent-10 for earlier)

solution 3

edit models so that it’s pivots will be placed in correct distance order from camera. transparency models are sorted not by it’s geometry centers, but by it’s pivots

solution 4

if number should be hidden behind other object, does it mean your other object is solid (non-transparent)? if so, use opaque shader. it’s much better in better performance reason and correct deep-placings