Transparent parts - building problem

Hey, everybody

When using the house and its surroundings asset: Furnished Cabin | 3D Urban | Unity Asset Store, I am facing the problem of incorrect display of transparent parts when building the application. Parts of the bathroom and windows of the house are black, not alowing light to pass through. Attached you can see the images in Unity Editor and after building. I tried the build in both Unity 2021 and 2022 and the same problem occurs. Could someone advise me if the problem is in a wrong rendering, lighting or illumination setting, or …? I think that tranparent parts have a material with Cutout Rendering Mode set.

Best, TN

This looks like a rendering issue, and nothing to do with baked GI. Will move this to an appropriate forum.
Try switching to switching affected materials to Fade mode, and see if that helps. You could also contact the original author of the asset.

I found that this is a common problem caused by ShaderGraph / Universal RP. So I uninstalled them and the problem with glass tranpsarency dispappeared.

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