Transparent PNG Image shows up black

I have a PNG image that is completely transparent. There is no color in it at all.

I have this image being used on a UI Image gameobject.

This used to show up completely blank as intended. It is a place holder for other images that I swap in.

In the latest 2018.2 version 2018.2.21 the image is showing up as all black instead of transparent.

If I simply add a single pixel of any color anywhere in the image then it is transparent again except for that pixel.

I don’t want some stray pixel, so I would like to know how to fix this.

Can someone tell me how?

hello, pretty sure nothing changed atleast since version 2017, since you said you changed your project version most likely your image properties got reimported in a different way. click your png image go to the compression part in the import settings and change compresion to None. Unity just shows the image you are passing so 100% your transparent image is being painted when compressing.

Make sure to export PNG image from Editor as RGBA and in Unity Inspector check the “Alpha is Transparency”

If that’s a material, simply edit Alpha cutoff, or change mode to Fade