Transparent Sprite imported with green background

I’m trying to import a Sprite into Unity, and even though the image has a transparent background, in Unity it has a green background.

I’ve been searching and I don’t know how can I fix this.

This is the image:

I didn’t made it, I’m taking it from internet.

And this is the image in Unity:

If I open it with others programs, it still has transparent background.

No alpha channel in your image, here try this one out:

alt text

P.S. Also I have no idea from where you take it, but you can resave properly with alpha channel via free image editing programs, like for example GIMP.

Hey, I might be super late to this but for images that are texture type ‘Default’ and not sprite, there is a drop down menu for ‘Alpha Source’, and under that there is a check box marked 'Alpha Is Transparent, checking that box to true should fix the issue as well if you are not working with a Sprite.