Transparent texture disappears

I simply instantiate some quad planes with Transparent/diffuse or unlit/Transparent cutout and on both case my texture either disappears at different camera proximity or half of each texture is not shown.

This issue only happens on Android and iOS. The editor shows everything perfectly fine.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated as I’m heading towards a deadline.
Thank you.

It sounds like the shader you are using is only rendering one side of the plane. This is normal for shaders. There are some which will render both sides but you are better off creating a duplicate of the Quad in your 3D package and then inverting the Normal direction on the Duplicate. Then in Unity apply the same Material to the Duplicate and you should see it from both sides. Hope this sorts out your problem.
Not sure why you can see both sides in the inspector, maybe your shader does render both sides but your target platform does not support the rendering of both by the shader. Again do what I said above and cross your fingers!

Could also be to do with how close your camera is to the object. If it is too close your camera near clip plane will stop the rendering when the object is less than this distance. Change the near clip plane value on your camera an see it that helps. This can cause Z fighting though so be warned.