Transparent texture on terrain?

Hi, im new to Unity.

Im trying to paint on the the terrain and i want to make some areas totaly transparent so you can se the skybox under the ground. Basically i want to paint "Holes" in the ground so the mesh underneath it (skybox for example) gets visible.

Is it possible?


Hi David, it is possible yes, there is a forum thread here about it:

I'm not sure of the state of that project/shader, but it seems from the screenshots they had some success with it. I would suggest having a look at that and seeing if it gives you any leads. I've not done it myself so other than that thread and saying that you will most certainly need to modify a shader or use the one they posted, I can't give any more specifics.

Good luck!

There’s a plugin for this on the Asset Store: Terrain Hole System

Description: “This Unity extension lets you make holes in your terrain that characters and other objects can go through.”

More information can be found on the forum thread.