Transperant Pictures Not Working

Hey here is my problem I am trying to make the centre of this see through.
In photoshop it is transparent but when I put it into Unity as a texture and put it on a plane it isn’t anymore any ideas ??

That is what it should look like, transparent in the middle


this is what it looks like though in unity with the solid white centre how do I fix this ??

Thanks Mensley
ps how would I make the whole image transparent and become visible as I move the number up ??

What you are looking at (in your screenshot at least) is the texture preview window, which never displays transparency. You have to put the texture on a material and use the material somewhere (model, sprite, particlesystem). Then the transparency depends on which shader you use on the material. One of the Transparent shaders should work nicely.


Also I forgot to mention that you have the imported texture format as RGB which only takes into account R,G and B channels. Change it to any format which also uses the A channel, for example: RGBA Compressed DXT5. You will have to set the Texture Type to be Advanced first though.

Just a rewrite of GV’s answer:

It looks like you didn’t export the image properly from Photoshop. In other words, Unity is showing a solid white center, because the image really does have a solid white center.

The reason is, we can see “DTX1” in your Unity version. When Unity gets a jpg or gif, or something without transparency, it turns it into DTX1 format (which is smaller.)

Photoshop always tries to add an opaque base layer. You can have all transparent PS layers, but you have to go somewhere and select transparent for the base (not sure where, I use Gimp.) Then you usually choose png format for the export. If you pick jpg or gif, it just tosses away transparency.

Many viewers don’t show transparency, so it’s hard to know it you got it. In Unity, with the image in the Inspector (not the material, etc… just the image) you should see a little RGB bar on top. If you toggle that, you should see the alpha. In your case, should be white edges, with black center. That means it will work on a material (using a transparent shader.)

Then, one odd thing. If you bring a png into Unity, but it’s completely opaque, Unity will notice and skip it. In other words, if you import a png, but the RGB/alpha toggle isn’t there, it’s because you lost the transparency during the import.