Transport Layer WrongHost

I’ve been following along with a few different videos and blogs on using low level networking. As the title suggests when I attempt to connect the NetworkTransport.Connect() comes back with 1, WrongHost. Both the Server and Client controllers are created by button presses elsewhere in the project.

The Server’s code looks as such.

And the Client’s code looks like this:

When I create the Server it gives back its socket fine, its only when I make the client (in the same instance of the program, though it happens if I build and run) and it tries to connect that connectionId comes back with WrongHost. I realize I am not doing anything with the connection server side. When I have run that code, the WrongHost issue persists.

How would I fix this, or am I going about things incorrectly?

Quick update. I have messed around with my ports to check that they are not the issue. I forwarded them and tested them with other applications (a Minecraft server) and they seem to be working properly. Trying different ports in my own code still results in the same issue.