Trap the Windows Key

In testing our game, we find users are accidentally hitting the Windows Key more often than we thought, disrupting the game play. Even when moving the core gameplay keys away from the windows key, it still happens (younger audience game).

Has anyone found a way to trap the Windows Key and shunt its behavior? I've been told that being a system key it's not trappable in Unity 3.0 via script, but wanted to confirm or deny.

Thanks for any input.

Well, there are two events that correspond to the Windows keys on a keyboard. Have you tried using them, or perhaps setting them up in the Input Manager so that they bind to the game?

If that doesn't work, short of writing a C++ plugin, I think you're out of luck. Even in regular programming, it's somewhat difficult to trap the Windows key, and in fact most retail video games don't even bother with it.