Treadmill as input,Advice on using a treadmill as input device

Hi everyone,

Atm i’m working on a project that will take the output of a treadmill as the input to determine speed in a video game.
I’ve seen people who achieved this by opening up their treadmill and connect it with an arduino but i wondered if there are other ways to achieve this.
What do you guys think?

Kr,Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project where someone can run on a treadmill that is connected to the unity project. Depending how fast they go on the treadmill their in game speed will also change. I’ve seen some people open up their treadmill and connect arduino’s to it to make this happen but i wonder if there are other ways i can explore.
Any tips / advice are very welcome!


There are few possible options depending on the hardware you choose.

Potentiometer is one easy way you can think of.

If you are trying to use potentiometer, this video will help.