Tree Bend Factor Doesn't Work, Unity 3.

Hey, I just downloadet the free version of Unity 3. Untill now it's great. Cool new features and a lot more. But when i start making tree's for my terrain and i set the bend factor of the tree's, to about 1,5 or just some random number and Apply it, and then play the game. The tree's still stands still even when the Bend Factor is on a "Random" Number, they are just standing still. Didn't have that problem in the old Unity version 2.6. I just don't know how to fix it >.


I'm not a pro or anything and it may be NOT the best way but it worked for me:

-Make sure you don’t have any object selected.

-go to Game Object > Create Other > WindZone.

-Drag your WindZone to your Terrain (making WindZone Child of Terrain).

-Make your Wind Zone Spherical

-size your Wind Zone to cover all your terrain

Now you may investigate Wind Zone values. In my case i set them as following:

Wind Main = 1

Wind Turbulence = 0.01

Wind Pulse Magnitude = 1

Wind Pulse Frequency = 0.2

Hope it Helped.

unfortunately nobody seems to care around here....

Try creating an empty object, then applying a wind zone to it ... place the empty object near the tree and adjust the wind settings/radius to ensure the wind hits the tree.

@DW-MM: i copy paste from your’s comment :slight_smile:

@Capper: Or you can set with this:

  1. Game Object > Create Other >
  2. Drag your WindZone to your
    FPC(making WindZone Child of FPC)
  3. Set Wind Zone Mode = Spherical
  4. Set your’s WindZone properties until
    you look fine (runing game status)!

For Everyone from Mariano’s post: This work find, you have forgot to write, when you add tree, your bend factor is need to set 1, because if it is set 0 unity dont apply wind! Hope help everyone ;D

Me too want to know solution for this! ;)