tree bend factor wont work problem.

Hey, My tree bend factor wont work, when i add trees for my terrain and put the bend factor to about "1.5" and when i hit play the trees just stands still like nothing happened ? .. My bend factor are still at "1.5" but nothing happens this didn't happen in the old unity 2.6. I saw another question like this, and the answer was to put a Wind zone and add that to your terrain, and it works yea but i think the trees bends a little wierd, aren't there a way to get the bend factor to work like in 2.6? So the bend factor will work as usually?;)

this is a feature that's currently broken. as it is, wind zones only affect trees made with tree creator and placed as prefabs. Trees created on the terrain level and generated randomly are not affected as of Unity 3.0. It's been mentioned that it will be fixed in a future version.