tree bend unity 3.0

I use free version. I have a terrain with grass and trees. The trees have a bending factor of 5. The wind,size,etc are set to max. When i play game the grass is visibly swaying all over the place but the trees are completely static. Is this a bug?

I know this has been listed here for over a week now, but I wanted to chime in just in case you haven't been able to resolve this issue yet. The problem is that the trees in the scene are not listening to your wind settings. Let's take a look at out to set this up properly.

The first thing you will need to do is create a wind zone. You can do this by selecting from the menu: Game Object -> Create Other - > Wind Zone

Note that at this point, you will need to make sure that your trees are set to bend. Select your tree types, then select Edit Trees... -> Edit tree. Setting the bend value to 1 will cause the trees to adjust if you have not already done this.

At this point you may notice that your trees are moving about quite violently. In fact, many of the settings inside the wind zone are set way too high by default To fix this, you can change your bend value, but I would recommend actually changing the values on the "Wind zone" directly, and keeping your tree bend value set to 1. Too keep the trees from fluttering around too much, adjust the wind turbulence down to around 0.1 to 0.3 and everything will become much smoother. If you don't want the trees blowing all the way to one side, set the Wind Main value down to the same value as your turbulence.

There are several settings that you can play around with to achieve the effects you are looking for. I hope that this 'leans' you in the right direction.