Tree billboards with first person controller

Is there a way to fix it so that tree billboards don’t tilt towards a player when using a first person controller?

They look fine when moving forward or looking left or right but, as soon as you look upwards, the billboards tilt towards you in a really noticeable and terrible looking effect.

Ive tried playing around with all the terrain detail settings, and the only thing that makes things better is upping the Max Mesh Trees, but that gives you such a huge fps hit, it’s not really a viable solution.

Anyone have any suggestions?

hi there,

you might want to have a look at the advanced foliage shader package.
its current version 2.04 already supports much nicer fading between mesh trees and billboards and the upcoming version 2.041 – which is under review right now and should be available within the next days – will also support camera aligned billboards which is exactly what you are looking for.



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