Tree Collider

Hey guys, i used the brush tool to add massive trees and the “Create tree colliders” is checked but still the player can go through them. How can i fix this?

hello, i had similar question!
this helps.

Hello my friend, i also have thought that technique in you post andi will try it and tell you :slight_smile:

Tried and worked, thank you :smiley:

The “create tree colliders” option doesn’t work quite like that. Instead, you may want to add a capsule-collider manually by following these steps:

Find the tree you want in the Project panel.

Drag it out as a prefab onto your map. (It doesn’t matter where, just so you can see it)

Select the tree, and in the Components menu, under Physics, add a capsule collider.(Losing the prefab is OK.)

Set the radius of the collider to between 0.8 and 1. Make sure the height is about 20.

Make a new prefab and call it Palm(Collider) and drag your new tree into it.

Under terrain tree painter add the tree called Palm(Collider).

Place a few trees, and you should be ready to go!

Press play, and the trees should now have colliders. If you want more trees and terrain textures, there is a great collection available for download here. Good luck!

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