Tree Leaves or Grass model moved when character moves over it

Like the title says I was wondering if there is a simple way to have grass move when my character walks over it and/or have tree leaves be pushed out of the way rather than just walking through them. A wind zone can move them so there must be something I might be able to tap into.

I have never seen that in a game that I have played but imagine someone has done it in the past.

Any ideas or resources for something like that?

Rust by Facepunch studios (developed with Unity) uses wind zones set to spherical and they turn all the settings right down and the range to something like 2 then adjust the main to suit needs. I would recommend positioning the windzone at the players feet.

This only works on grass painted as a tree (like speed tree grass) using a custom mesh with LOD you can use a winds one to effect them if the shader that they use supports it.