Tree map lacking information about memory leak


These are to screenshots from the same snapshot, I'm unable to understand what's causing the memory leak in the project and I was hoping I could get a deeper understanding of where I should aim my attention to try to solve this issue.
Thank you for your time.


First off, how did you come to the conclusion that you are leaking memory? Did you observe memory usage grow constantly over time, or on level load?

Whichever time interval you saw this increase in, take two snapshots where the increase in usage is happening in-between of the two, the closer together as possible the better. Then you can open both of the snapshots and hit the diff button to get a view of what changed. You can also quickly toggle between the two snapshots by clicking on their screenshots in the bottom right hand corner and they will each remember which view they were showing so you can e.g. visually compare the Tree View, which doesn't yet have a diff view version.

Note though that the Tree View currently only shows Objects and not Allocations that are not related to Objects.