Tree paining using FBX model from 3ds Max


I have a tree which i made in max (low poly, 250). when ever i try painting it using the terrain paint option i get this message

The tree treeLong couldn’t be instantiated as the prefab contains no valid mesh render.

Any ideas on how i can get this to work, would save me a lot of time on placing trees


ok this problem is solved, however the trees are under the terrain for some reason

how i solved the previous problem,

unity need a single mesh and 2 materials for tree in 3ds max click on an object, go to the attach option, next to it is a box, click on that, select all object within the scene click attach think you chose option 2 when the dialogue box appears Shift+ Q to render it to make sure its ok, Export as FBX bring it into unity (FBX) in the materials folder, select ur material, chnage it to Nature>> bark/ leaves soft respectively. once you’ve done this to both materials you can dd the tree to the scene