tree terrain changes with game object!!!

hi! so i made a forest with the terrain's ability place trees. i want one specific tree to be

different from all the other trees so i went into standard assets > tree creator and took the

big tree out onto my scene as a game object. now my problem is that whenever i

change/customize my big tree all the other trees i made with the terrain follow and change as

well! how do i stop the terrain's trees to copy my big tree?


The reason this is happening is because the terrain tool uses a prefab for each tree. You are changing the prefab and therefore it is changing the rest of the trees.

What I would do is duplicate t tree (within the hierarchy using Ctrl+D). Then rename it. Now drag it onto the scene and alter it.

If you want to be able to place this new tree with the terrain tool then go to the "Place Trees" part of the tool. Click "Edit Trees" then "Add Tree". Then drag your new tree to where it says "GameObject(Empty)" in the new small window that appears.