Tree with animation not working on terrain

So I have bought this tree package from the asset store, and when trees are individually placed onto my terrain, they work just fine and animate perfectly. But when I go to paint the very same prefab onto my terrain using the terrain toolkit, I am given this error and similar:

The tree sycamore couldn’t be instanced because one of its LODs contains renderer of type other than MeshRenderer and BillboardRenderer.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

I have searched for hours for other answers to this issue, and I have found some, but they all either didn’t apply to my situation, or the fix didn’t work at all.

More Info and Images

The trees are prefabs using and LOD group each with a skinned mesh renderer, and an animator attached to the parent object, shown here:

with the structure of the gameobject looking like this:

I’m having this same problem with this same asset. I’m assuming it’s the skin mesh renderer since that’s what the error message is pointing to. Bummer cause I love these trees and wish I didn’t have to place each individual one…