Trees are dark even with light?

Hi guys,
I bought this Nature Pack,and trees works fine on a demo scene. But when I use them in a new scene, they are dark even with 10 directional lights. I tried changing shader to Nature/Tree leave, then it shows colour. I would like to use the shader came with the package. Does anyone have same issue?

I would recommend that you try other sources of lighting and I’m not sure of your map but try spreading the trees apart, also check the tree’s materia and see if it’s dark or not, then give the tree’s a new mesh renderer. Or check the tree’s Mesh renderer and see if cast and receive shadows is on. That’s all I got so far, I don’t have the pack so I don’t see the issue.

Are you using Unity free. If you are only two lights will work at any one time on any one object. More lights means that the “total number of lights in the scene” - 2 will be randomly disabled. Do the trees have some sort of lightmap on them? If so they will not respond to dynamic lighting.
Go to the scene where they work, copy one of the trees using the right click menu in the heirachy window. Go to a new scene with one light(that is within range and working, test with a std cube) then paste in the hierachy window of this scene using the right click menu again.
Does this tree look dark?

This pack is using texture atlasing, this could also be at the heart of your issue. Have you used any atlasing software before?

I will download and have a better look but try this for now…

Sorry I can’t download it, it is $40… If it was free then I would be able to help you more. Have you contacted the vendor about this issue, it is likly that they will be very helpful in resolving this issue with you. Send them a msg!