Trial version notice in Windows 2022 Build

Most builds that I’ve generated in 2022.3.0f1 after about the end of April say “trial version” like this old screenshot:

This is also happening with certain builds I’m running on another computer.

In the following thread from 2018 it says it has something to do with China:

I’ve only had Australian connections with and without VPN.

I tried signing out and in with Unity Hub while Unity is closed then opening up my project again but the build is still having “trial version”. It is also happening in the other projects I’ve tried. It also says “trial version” when it isn’t full screen.

It is mentioned in the Unity issue tracker, though for 2020…


This is actually an issue from our side and we are currently looking into it, but sadly there is no Public Issue Tracker link that I can share here :frowning:

But we are looking into trying to fix it, apologies for the vagueness

got the same issue few days ago.
i resolved it by returning my license (personal) and then re-adding it again on the unity hub.

Got it on mine to, 2022.3.1f1 LTS version!..trying re adding, using manual activation none of it worked, using VPN or not it still the same.

Since there is no trial version of Unity, only Personal, Pro, Plus and Enterprise editions, I would be surprised that this is actually a Unity issue. Either something in the project displays that trial version such as a trial version of an asset, or it is generally an overlay from a Windows tool such as a gaming related tool (eg fraps) that only shows up when a (fullscreen) game is running.