Trigger a script in another script

I’ve seen similar questions to mine on here but I’ve attempted to alter the solutions to fit my project and it doesn’t appear to be working. I’m making a game where, whenever the user selects an answer, they are told whether the answer is correct (this part works) and then asks the next question (this part doesn’t). Help would be appreciated!


Static attributes have nothing to do technically with the object that the script attached to, thats why it wont show up in inspector.

Use a singleton on your questionmaker script instead of making the attributes static


You can access the QuestionMaker script as you would with any other GameObject component and have access to all its public elements. Say your scripts are on a QuestionManager object on the scene, you’d do something like:

//Reference to the object that's holding the target script, assuming it's not the same one you're calling from. 
[SerializeField] GameObject QuestionManager; 

//Calling the public function MakeQuestion from the QuestionMaker script on the QuestionManager object.