Trigger-based vehicle ai?

Is it feasible to create an AI system using triggers to detect objects? If not, why? If yes, would there be any major drawbacks?

It largely depends on what kind of game you are making, if were a vehicle combat game kind of like Twisted metal where the cars would insted become hostile after triggering them, a good way to start would be having large trigger colliders placed where you want the car to become hostile. Have all the coding for the car done, but have it only activate when a condition (for example a boolean) is met. Once it has, the cars AI will activate and try to get you. The trigger boxes can be set to make the cars condition met once entered, then delete themself.

If it on the othe hand is a scripted AI that appears when the player enters a street for example, the same kind of trigger box can utilise the SetActive(true); command, while having the cars AI premade to activate on the Start function, initially set to be inactive.

If it’s a racing game, I don’t see how triggers will come into play.