Trigger Collision Collider Question

hey guys. i have a question. i have my trigger for my transporter done. when i enther the trigger, the animation will play and i will be transported to my other transporter.

Works fine but transporter 1 is triggering transporter 2. Thats also fine but i want them to trigger their animation 1 time in a time base. i mean that when i’m transported the triggers will not trigger eachother within a time scale lets say 10 sec. so i walk on the trigger and nothing happens for 10 sec. i dont know if you know what i mean but trigger1 triggers trigger2 when the player is positioned there because he is been send to trigger2. so he triggers the trigger2 and than the animation plays again and i will be transported back
its a chain reaction

    var triggerTarget : GameObject;

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) { 
     yield WaitForSeconds (2);
     time  = -(2);
     triggerTarget.animation.Play("Take 001");

this works fine but as a alreddy told you (its a transport ring like stargate) transport rings 1 sends you to transport rings 2 and 2 to 1 but when im transported from 1 to 2 my player is colliding with the trigger of rings 2 and that is what i want to be fixed so each time after the 10 secs it must work like my script

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You could try using the OnTriggerExit() function, so that when the player leaves the platform, it sets a certain variable to true.
Then you could make it that transporter 2 only works if the variable is true, then vice versa for transporter 1.

Use this link:

Hope this helps!