Trigger door animation with external trigger

I’ve been looking for nearly a week now and i cannot find a single thing that works. I am horrible at scripting, i can read/understand it fine, and correct errors no problem, creating code from scratch however is completely over my head, i don’t even know how to start.

All i need is for the door animation(that i created in unity already) to be triggered when i pick up a rigidbody(already got that part running fine) and drop it in a the trigger area. That’s it, seems simple enough yet i can’t get it to work after 6 days of trying, getting really discouraged here :confused:

Javascript is preferred but at this point i’ll take anything as long as it works

class Triggerer extends MonoBehaviour {


class Triggerable extends MonoBehaviour {
  var targetAnimator : Animation;
  var targetAnimation : String;

  function Start() {
    if ( !collider ) Debug.LogError("Triggerable has no collider");

  function OnTriggerEnter( other : Collider ) {
    if ( other.GetComponent(Triggerer) ) {

Drop a Triggerer in a Triggerable trigger zone and tada. The triggerable needs to have an isTrigger collider, and the Triggerer needs a rigidbody and a collider.