Trigger messages not being sent


I have a Box Collider acting as a Trigger. Right now I'm trying to do a very basic "when enter, do this" functionality. But when the other game object enters the trigger, the OnTriggerEnter message is never sent.

I've tried changing the size of the trigger, changing the size of the other object, but no matter what, I can't get the trigger message to fire. Is there anything special that needs to be done to enable triggers? I'm at wit's end here.

And yes, I have checked the "IsTrigger" box.

For clarification, the script is as basic as it gets for now. OnTriggerEnter, print a debug statement.

Try this js on the box collider and see if it works:

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {

    print("There was a Collision!");



Note that trigger events are only sent if one of the colliders also has a rigidbody attached

Is your trigger moving into another object, or another object moving into your trigger?

There is a distinct difference here, sadly. If the trigger moves and the object "entering the trigger" stands still, there is no trigger message sent.

post the script