Trigger object still affecting physics?

So I have a bit of an unexpected problem. I have a little guy I want to launch out of a cannon, and I want the player to be able to click on him after he launches. I want the clickable area to be larger than the dude’s actual hitbox, so to accomplish this I created an empty game object, gave it a box collider, made it larger than the little guy’s hitbox, and then childed it to him. My problem is, this game object is somehow affecting the movement of the guy despite only having a small script, a box collider set to “Is Trigger”, and a transform.

Any piece of information that will help me fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

it looks like that rigidbody is taking the child colliders into the “center of mass” calculation even if they are marked as triggers.

So, don’t make the click box as a child to the little man. Make it as a separate object.

This object should have :

  • a rigidbody which is set as IsKinematic = true (because we’ll move it manually by script)

  • a box collider (that’s you have already)

  • and a script that follows the little man in the FixedUpdate event.

Thank should solve your problem.

Have you actually turn the collider into a trigger? A rigidbody uses all child colliders as well. It’s called a compound collider. If you tick the isTrigger checkbox on the collider it becomes a trigger and is not used as collider.

Keep in mind that triggers have different collision messages which start with OnTrigger…

Thanks so much for all your help guys, but I’ve tweaked a few things and managed to pretty well work around the problem, and the way I’ve set things up makes it unnecessarily complicated for me to implement the most likely solution posted here (by Xtro).