Trigger objects to become true while entering a box collider.

I am trying to trigger objects to make a part of my level visible when entering a certain area.

I’ve been messing arround for 2 hours for a simple code, i deleted all my 3 try’s out of frustration but refuse to give up.

My goal is to place the script in a box collider, when the player enters it as i said a whole part of the level get’s to be visible.

I’m having troubles with triggering it as a player rather than an object.

Hope this makes some sense.

Contain whatever part you want to become active within a singular empty gameobject, and then disable it.

In the trigger, include a script similar to this:

public GameObject OtherPartOfTheLevel; //simply drag the gameobject here in the editor

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider c)
{//prevents secondary activation
  if(!OtherPartOfTheLevel.activeSelf) OtherPartOfTheLevel.setActive(true);